Industry Experience

Emergency Services

We understand the unique demands that Emergency Services place on their networks and systems and provide expertise and support services required to implement and maintain a reliable, secure, scalable and responsive communications network.

We work with the Police and Ambulance Service to design and install high performance network infrastructures capable of ensuring the highest levels of security and flexibility.

The Police 
Our work with the Police enables time critical information held on local and country-wide systems to be shared and transferred safely between mobile units and between police authorities.

The Police Force has been able to lead the way in the rapid implementation of:

  • National Strategy for Police Information systems (NSPIS) compliant applications
  • Vehicle Procedures and Fixed penalty Office System (VPFPO)
  • Police National computer (PNC) database
  • Country-wide Crime information and Management System (CIMS)

Working alongside the constabulary's own IT teams, we assist with moves and changes and the development of technology strategies to meet the Force’s requirements to make ongoing improvements enabling legacy applications to become accessible to all local Police units.

As a technical support partner, we ensure that IT systems continue to provide the highest level of availability and security to Police in all departments, enabling modern police forces to provide the highest levels of support in their communities.

We work extensively with security sensitive organisations such as the MoD and constabularies, and we are unquestionably a secure and trusted advisor, which has led to its involvement in the design and implementation of secure applications and services such as ViSOR.

Business Benefits

  • Infrastructure supports convergence of multiple technologies
  • Modern meshed networks provide data encryption between sites and carries voice and video as well as data.
  • Secure transport of live video feeds from helicopters to multiple network locations.
  • CCTV feeds from local councils and agencies enable Police to make use of live feeds from throughout the area.
  • Fleet of vehicles have real time secure access to services
  • Quatrix provide and support resilient and high performing network solutions that support Emergency Response Teams
  • Quatrix implement and maintain cost-effective, scalable and strategic systems through the convergence of data and voice
  • Quatrix is ISO certified: BS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 for the design, installation and support of business communications systems and network infrastructure and is a company to trust in ability and consistency of service

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