What we do

Hosted Solutions are scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions provided over the internet, rather than from a physical location within the business.  Also known as ‘Cloud’ or 'Online' services, these solutions allow companies to effectively spread business costs and improve business continuity.

Because online services are flexible, businesses can scale the solution to suit their own requirements. Online applications allow employees to connect to resources from almost any device, anywhere, so they can continue to work if their primary workstation fails and services can continue to run even if a particular employee is on holiday or sick or in the case of a disaster.

We can work with your business to ensure your network is ready for cloud and also recommend solutions that could benefit your business.

Solutions include:

  • Q-Vault Online Backup & Recovery
  • Managed Video Services
  • Email Management Solutions

Q-Vault Online Backup & Recovery
By providing remote backup and online storage of your business critical data, here at Quatrix we can offer your company the peace of mind that, whatever happens, your system for data recovery is safe and reliable.

Q-Vault Online Backup service provides automated online backup and recovery. It offers secure, reliable and efficient protection and speedy recovery of your company's critical data, directly through the internet, while avoiding costly overheads associated with in-house backup.

Advantages of Q-Vault Online Backup:

  • Data is backed up to two secure data centres
  • Access data from anywhere
  • Speedy data recovery minimises downtime for your business
  • Associated costs cheaper than in-house backup
  • Highly scalable with no cap on storage limit - pay for what you use
  • Automated data backup
  • No hardware infrastructure to maintain

Talk to us about how online backup could save your business time and money compared with traditional tape or disc backups.

Managed Video Solutions
Video conferencing allows you to communicate face to face with anyone, securely, in high definition, anywhere, any time and on any device. It makes your company agile, mobile, productive and gives you that competitive advantage. By working with UCi2i, we are able to offer a complete voice and video service, from hardware provision through to network support.

Whether you’re new to using video conferencing, or have already adopted video, the managed service plans can make your investments go further, without all the technical headaches. The simple service plans are all customisable and affordable low-cost monthly subscriptions with unlimited usage – as easy as your fixed mobile phone tariff.

With UCi2i and Quatrix, there is no need to invest in expensive infrastructure or specialist skill sets, because that is done for you, and the services are offered over a secure network in the cloud, delivering risk-free video communications you can depend on.

Email Management Solutions
Your email system is one of the most important assets of your business.  Without email you can feel cut off from the outside world, you struggle to confirm orders or keep track of a communication trail. We understand the importance of email to your business and we work with email experts, Mimecast, to provide a Unified Email Management system that protects you and your business. Contact us to find out more about the email management solutions available. 

Email Archiving
Nearly every company relies on email to share information and documents, so archiving of these records is a critical requirement.  We offer a solution that is much more than just storage for the sake of record keeping and compliance.

Mimecast Email Archiving is an affordable cloud-based solution that provides secure, accessible email archiving. It gives users access instantly to every email they’ve ever sent or received and it gives you control of email retention policies, and also as much storage as you need, whenever you need it – So, no more email backups.

Email Security
Systems for email security and encryption have become increasingly complex as the need to combat email threats has grown. You require high levels of protection, but also need business enabling functionality.

At Quatrix we provide a comprehensive, cloud-based email risk-mitigation solution through Mimecast. The Mimecast Email Security solution is backed by rigorous availability and security SLAs and has a variety of encryption options. It cuts costs and reduces risk by removing threats in the cloud to improve performance of your email server. The email security solution protects against inbound and outbound email-borne threats, including: malware, spam, phishing, DHA & DDoS attacks, deliberate or accidental data leaks, outages and social engineering attacks.

Email Continuity
Because email is a critical resource outages can have serious implications for a business. Email Continuity from Mimecast delivers always-on, seamless email availability through automatic service failover and failback in near real-time during an email outage. It integrates so seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook that your employees will just carry on using email safely and securely – whether the email outage is planned or not.